Brazillian Language
in the Past

The Brazillian language goes way back to the 1500's when the Tupi settled in the Brazillian sea coast. Thats when the Portugese discoverd Brazil. Portugese priests started studying the language of the Tupi, they also tried to teach the language. But the Portugese population became over populated and they had to ban the tribe. The Portugese claimed Portugese the official language. They got different accents influenced on the language from the slaves language and other times. Their language is now a big part of Brazil.

Brazillian Language Future 

Every day immagrants from over 50 different countries come to Brazil! So as I predict, Brazil will have no official language in about 50 years or so. That's because there will be too many other languages being spoken in Brazil. That is good because the Portugese will have less power, but it is bad because Brazil would have a ton of communication problems.

 Non-Verbal communication

Brazil has many unique types of non verbal ways to communicate.


Greetings in Brazil are kind of similar to other countries, but they have a little twist on their greetings. First, when men meet they give a handshake and maintain eye-contact until one looks away. It would usually be the younger one or the one with a lower ranking. But when two ladies meet, they will kiss each other on the cheek, starting with the left. When friends meet they will give a hug with a back-slap. When a man and a woman meet the man will get to decide what to do, if it's a kiss on the cheek, it would only be one cheek, but the woman will get to decide what cheek. If it's a handshake the woman will have to put her hand out first. When leaving each other, you do the same thing.

The Common Good

Did you know that putting your thumbs up is a signal for good? That sign is also popular in America. Also when showing appreciation, they would pinch their earlobe using their thumb and fore finger. To get rid of someone’s bad luck, Brazilians would place their thumb in between their index finger and middle finger while making a fist. This is called a "Fig". If asked a question they don’t know the answer to, they will flick their fingertips under their chin.

The Bad

There are also bad signals that Brazilians do. Like if you make the "O.K" sign with your fingers, it is equal to the middle finger in America! There is also another obscene gesture called the "Corna" gesture. In Brazil it means that your wife is cheating on you. The last one is the signal for "screw you". It is done when you make a "Fig" and slap it on your other hand.